Flexible Door Bottom Sealing Strip

1M Flexible Door Bottom Sealing Strip Mosquito and Mouse Kitchen Stopper, Wind Dust Blocker, Water Proof, Wind Proof Sealer Stopper Twin Door Decor Protector Doorstop Draft Dodger Gap Blocker and Wind Blocker ,1 inch(25mm) Width

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Product Description

Easy To use
Heat and cooling stays in
A perfect solution for home door gape covering
The insulating device for doors with extra large gaps! Cold air stays out…Heat stays in.
Includes one Twin Draft Guard door draft stopper in brown color.
Save energy and money! Door draft snake makes heating and cooling your home m
Guard against drafts, dust, odors, and insects. Easy to install and stays in place. Saves energy by preventing cold drafts. Can be used on interior and exterior doors of all types Rests against the bottom of doors to seal out chilly drafts.

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