Coconut Household Activated Carbon Water Filter

Coconut Household Activated Carbon Water Filter Mini Kitchen Faucet Water Cleaner Purifier Stones Filter Tap Cartridge Purifying Plant Filtration Terminal Purification Tool

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Product Description

Reduce and control the faucet water flow
Compact, environmental & easy to install
Coconut Carbon is a very good material for filters
Makes water pure and tasty & bland, avoiding splashing
Material: PVC rubber, PS, Activated carbon, Coconut shell, PVA
How to use
Clean the faucet and force into the flexible pouches directly.


1.Please avoid using under hot water for a long time.Below 50 Celsius is recommended.

2.The first time using,because of the carbon,black water will fall from it.After Letting out

the water 5-10 seconds,then it can work well.

3.Life span:Based on the quality of water, 1-2 month in normal for every day use.

4.The colors will be sent by random

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