Week 32 in review: iPhone 7, Xiaomi Redmi 4 and Mi Note 2 rumors

Being official for a few days now, Samsung's latest phablet wonder - the Galaxy Note7 has a tight grip on the community's attention. With enthusiastic fans waiting impatiently for the double-curved phablet to hit local shelves, we already saw pre-order records broken. And in a new turn of events, the flagship is set to become even more exciting, now that the enthusiast-grade 6GB RAM plus 128GB storage model has been officially confirmed.

In other Samsung-related news, the Galaxy S7 might be the last flat-screen flagship the company puts out, since the edged design seems to be...


Weekly poll results: Galaxy Note7 fans outnumber detractors 3:1

A couple of weeks ago we asked you if you liked the S Pen and the results were 3:1 positive. Last week we asked about the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 and the "yays" had it 3:1 again.

We know, we know, correlation doesn't imply causation, but it certainly looks like the love that the Note7 is getting is largely tied to its S Pen stylus.

And what a stylus it is - the Screen-off memo is our favorite feature to use (great for at-a-glance info) and writing underwater is our favorite feature to show off.

Now if only Samsung could produce enough units for everyone who wants one and stops...


Twitter's Night Mode may be coming to iOS

If you recall, Twitter's Android app gained a Night Mode feature last month. At that point, there was no information on whether or not the micro-blogging service's iOS app would be getting it. However now, it looks the feature may be coming to iOS as it's part of the latest beta build for the platform.

If you're a Twitter beta user on iOS, you'll be able to access the feature by heading to the app's settings menu - it's available as a new toggle option there. There's currently no information when the feature will be publicly launched, although given that it's already made it to the...


New update brings Samsung Cloud to Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have started receiving a new update. Currently rolling out in Italy, the update brings Samsung Cloud, the cloud service that made its debut with the company's recently unveiled Galaxy Note7 smartphone.

In addition, the update - which weighs in at around 152MB - also includes Android security patch for the month of August, as well as some NFC and Bluetooth-related performance improvements.

As is usually the case with OTA roll-outs, it may take some time before the update hits your device. Meanwhile, if you feel impatient, you can manually check for...


Report says Sony's PlayStation Now cloud gaming service coming to PCs this month

According to a recent report out of France, Sony will bring its PlayStation Now cloud gaming service to PCs this month - on August 23 to be specific. The service was first launched by the Japanese company back in 2014.

The report notes that PlayStation Now for PC will be available in Europe to start off, where Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK will be the first set of countries to get it. It will arrive in the United States and Canada a week later.

To refresh, PlayStation Now allows you to stream PlayStation 3 games directly to not only your PlayStation 4 but other Sony platforms...


Latest OnePlus 3 update reportedly breaks more things than it fixes

OnePlus has had its hands full with the OnePlus 3 recently. A seemingly never-ending stream of complaints and bug reports finally culminated in an eagerly-anticipated Oxygen OS 3.2.4 update earlier today. However, instead of the all-encompassing fix everybody was hoping for, the 26MB package might actually be a a Trojan horse in disguise.

Of course, we don't mean that in the literal sense, as in a malicious virus, but now that a few hours have passed since the roll-out, users are reporting new and quite serious problems with their beloved handsets. To be fair, the "hotfix patch"...


ProShot app is finally coming to Windows 10 next week

Getting a good quality app on a Windows-powered smartphone is not an easy task. As most Microsoft fans and users will surely attest, it is typical to feel left out on the platform, due to a sad combination of poor business choices and lack of developer backing. We won't get too much into that now, but, on a more positive note, we will mention that after the launch of Windows 10 and the new Universal Apps platform, things have definitely started picking up.

Life seems to be easier for both new developers and those with a strong history on Windows, like Rise Up Games - the team...


B&O BeoVision 14 is a 4K LED TV running Android TV

B&O has launched a new television - the BeoVision 14 - the company's second 4K model since the Avant.

The BeoVision 14 builds on the square design of the BeoVision 11. The space below the screen is used for the speaker system, covered by a variety of color options for the fabric speaker grille. One unique to the BeoVision 14 is oak wood, that uses multiple strips of wood to cover the speaker grille. Surrounding the television is an aluminum frame.

The television has three mounting positions. You can either keep it on the motorized stand, or on the floor with the easel stand, or...


iPhone 7 Plus poses for the camera in black

Another day, another iPhone 7 rumor and also another twist to the never-ending mystery that is Apple's upcoming smartphone lineup. It seems like the closer we get to September and the alleged September 7 release date, the further we end up digging ourselves in an overwhelming mess of rumors.

Alleged iPhone 7 Plus

Today brings yet another confusing piece of the puzzle - a few shots of what appears to be a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 with a dual-camera setup, POGO pins on the back an to add a finishing touch to the mix - colored in black. Naturally, this leaves us a little perplexed. If...


Get a new 16GB LG Nexus 5X today for $200

Both current Nexus handsets have been subject to a lot of promotions and price reductions lately, but this might just be a new record. There is a deal on eBay that you can probably still catch if you hurry and it can land you a brand new LG Nexus 5X for only $199.99.

However, there is somewhat of a catch, the device in question is the smaller 16GB model and may we remind you that the Nexus 5X sadly doesn't have a microSD card slot. So, you have to be pretty confident you will fit all your things on board. If you can looks past that, it is still a pretty good device with a...