The LG G6 will have an upgraded Quad DAC

MWC 2017 is right around the corner, which means LG G6 launch is fast approaching. Rumors have already given us plenty of pieces of the puzzle - we have an abundance of shots, leaked renders and live images to explore in detail. Then, there are also specifics, regarding the G6 display.

With most of the major points out of the way, there has even been a focus on some really fine details, like the phone's audio quality. A new announcement by LG delivers more insights on the G6's audio setup. It should come as no surprise that LG is investing heartily in a quality DAC for the device....


Price of alcatel Idol 4s Windows nosedives to $288

The Windows 10-powered alcatel Idol 4s was launched in the United States back in November last year. At launch, the device was a T-Mobile-exclusive, and it carried a price tag of $470, which came down to $432 last month.

A quick look at the magenta carrier's website now reveals that the device's price has nosedived, shedding almost $145.

This means the handset is currently going for $288. The listing doesn't say whether it's a permanent price cut or limited-time offer.

Meanwhile, the unlocked version of the device - listed on Microsoft's online US store - still carries the $470...


Fitbit fitness trackers now available at discounted rates

If you are in the United States, and are in the market for a fitness tracking wearable device, you might want to check out the deals Fitbit is offering on several of its products listed on Amazon.

To give you an idea, while the Flex has received a $10 price cut, the Charge 2 is currently going for $20 less than its usual price. The Charge HR as well as the Blaze, on the other hand, have received a price cut of $50 each.

To take a look at all the deals, head to the Source link below.



New LG G6 teaser contains the word "reliability"

LG has outed a new teaser for its upcoming G6 smartphone today. This one is rather pinkish-purple, and it follows in the footsteps of a pretty blue teaser from last week. As you can see, the word "reliability" is used this time around, along with the odd repetition of the word "check". Perhaps this is meant to reassure people that there's some kind of triple-check system in place during the phone's production. What this is for, though, is anyone's guess.

This isn't the first time that LG has focused on this aspect when talking about the G6. Back in January the company said it implemented...


Verizon launches new plan with unlimited data, offers iPhones and Pixel for free with trade-in for network switchers

If you bet on hell freezing over before Verizon once again offered a plan with unlimited data, well, you lost that bet. Amazingly, the carrier that just last year told its customers that they don't need unlimited data has now decided that maybe they do after all.

Let's get one thing clear first. The data traffic is technically unlimited, but after the first 22GB used each month per line you could be subjected to throttling. Then again, it's unlimited data. At Verizon. Oh, how things change in the mobile space.

Anyway, the plan is intuitively called Verizon Unlimited and it costs $80...